Appropriate technologies for health

Appropriate technologies for health refer to the various means and systems for maintaining or restoring the state of well-being according to cultural norms and realities. It is therefore important that overseas development workers accept these health perceptions as part of the culture and respect the traditions they represent. The education and extension programs in Tanzania and other developing nations have been subject to a lot of criticism.

Explain that it is important to know how and where to obtain financial, material and technical information and/or resources for cookstove projects. Read more about index here. Allow time at the end of the discussion for feedback on the facilitation skills of the participant/facilitator. Before you begin, you will need to prepare food for the cooking activity. Before you start the session, make sure to list the discussion questions about newsprint.


A second copy of your paper will also be sent to your in country Peace Corps Director. This will be used as part of your final evaluation. End the session by reviewing the objectives and inviting any final questions about Phase VI. Present a brief introduction of the purpose and general objectives of the Energy Fair.

After everyone has had a chance for a few minutes to speak, ask one volunteer from each group of participants to share some of their discussion themes. Before the program can begin, ensure that you have enough tools, supplies, and other materials. If the suggested items are not available, substitute with something comparable. Use your ingenuity, and you will find that the participants will follow your lead. We owe a lot of gratitude to Peace Corps/ Washington for providing resources and supporting our efforts throughout the project. We are grateful to the Peace Corps Energy Project’s past and current staff, the Office of Training and Programming Coordination – Information Collection and Exchange – and the ACTION Library –

Session 15 Practical Drying Tips

During this phase, it is the sand/clay mixture and not the particular stove design that will get the most attention. Briefly mention some of the advantageous characteristics of improved cookstoves (such as low cost, fuel-conserving, built from locally available materials, easily maintained and repaired, smoke control, more sanitary). Other than the distribution of their pit latrine books, UNICEF and Health Ministry have not addressed rural sanitation issues. Working with Health Ministry personnel for the establishment of improved sanitation at the forefront of health care and health education is a high priority.

The fishbowl structure was created to facilitate discussion and encourage constructive feedback. It is therefore important for people to feel free to express themselves without fear of reprisal. It is important to encourage people to participate in the discussion and to share their thoughts with each other when they have something to offer. It is a good idea to have at least one member of the training staff in the discussion group at all times. Explain that each participant will be assessed based on their knowledge, skills, and attitude during Peace Corps service.