Heating And Cooling Your Home

In the 1980’s, Temperzone was a pioneer in the early introduction and application of CNC production machinery, the company continued to invest in the latest CNC technology. Temperzone purchased Bradway Engineering Pty Ltd in 1985, an Australian air conditioning manufacturer located in Blacktown, Sydney. In 1988 Temperzone opened its office in Hong Kong to serve heating and cooling services, the growing demand for Temperzone products in Asia. In the 1990’s, the introduction of sophisticated CAD/CAM technology resulted in enormous gains in productivity, reducing lead times and improving customer service. In 1994 Temperzone relocated its Asian Regional Head Office from Hong Kong to Singapore due to increasing business in Southeast Asia. In 2000, Bradway Engineering Pty Ltd changed their name to Temperzone Australia Pty Ltd.

heating and cooling

Underfloor systems are usually switched on overnight (on cheaper, off-peak rates) as they can consume large amounts of electricity. Additionally, because they are so energy-hungry it’s especially important to ensure that your home is very well-insulated and as draft-free as possible. Oil heaters are great for heating closed, well-sealed spaces, provided that they are the appropriate size for the room in question. They take some time to get used to the space, but once they are comfortable they can be a great help.

This unit is also from where you control your internal climate, setting the temperature and the fan speed. Keep the family cool with a range of reverse cycle air conditioners designed for both wall mounted spaces and ducted installations. Whether you’re looking to install a new unit or upgrade your existing one, our expert staff will help you select exactly what you need. Multi-spilt air conditioners are a great way to heat or cool multiple rooms in your home. A multi split system gives the home owner the ability to control the temperature for each individual room where air conditioning is present. A multi split system allows a homeowner to run cassettes, wall-hung splits, and ducted units from one outdoor unit.

For over 65 years, Temperzone has designed and manufactured leading HVAC equipment, offering the most comprehensive range of R32 commercial HVAC products in New Zealand and Australia. The narrower the temperature difference, the easier it is to transfer heat. However, even this maximum COP could not be achieved in reality due to losses due to friction, design constraints, dirt, and other inefficiencies in the system. To decrease these losses, all components must be properly designed and sized, and the heat pump must be properly maintained.

Does central heating use gas or electricity?

Split systems are cheaper to install and run, however, they only cover a small area compared to a ducted system, so are best for smaller properties.

The warmed water heats the product, which then produces what is known as ‘radiant heat’, which warms objects within the room that then radiate a comfortable warmth throughout the space. Ceiling or pedestal fans are a fraction of the price of an air conditioner in the same room. Before you turn on your heater, make sure that all warm air is kept inside by closing all windows, doors, and curtains.

To keep moisture out and heat in your bathroom, find the right ventilation and heating system. In Australia where the climate is considerably varied and where there are four seasons across most of the country, heat pumps are generally used in space heating/cooling and hot water system applications. In residential and commercial establishments, they can be used for air-conditioning, cooling potable water, space heating, and heat pump hot water systems for bathing/sanitation. In Australia, heat pump water heaters comprise approximately 3% of water heaters in use.

These types of system delivery chilled air via hidden heat exchangers for individual rooms or as a whole home solution. Products can be installed on walls, ceilings, within a wall or bulkhead, depending on your residential design. Install pelmets at the top of your windows. They sit on top your curtain rods and block cold air from entering. A cheaper alternative is putting a heavy blanket or towel on top of your curtain rod.

It is recommended that all heating and cooling systems be serviced every winter, when they are in greater use. Heating and cooling e.g. No matter where you live, cold and hot water are essential for comfort. People expect hot and cold water to come out the tap. However, they don’t realize that this requires significant amounts of energy in today’s world. Ground source heat pumps take heat from the ground or underground water source and pump it into the home or vice versa to heat and cool the house. This is achieved by absorbing heat from pipes buried deep beneath the ground.

Fans are a popular way of staying cool in hot weather. However, they don’t reduce the temperature in the space. They increase your thermal comfort by allowing perspiration to evaporate faster, which makes you feel more comfortable and cooler. This means that fans are most effective when directed towards you – as opposed to aimlessly swishing air around a room.

heating and cooling

Air Conditioners and heaters, just like your car, require regular maintenance and service to ensure they are efficient and effective. All of our technicians are fully-qualified and highly-trained, with years of industry experience in both heating and cooling. Inverter systems can, however, operate at variable speeds. They run at high capacities until the set temperature is reached and then switch to a lower capacity to maintain that temperature.