How to Play Roulette

Playing roulette and winning – a significantly easy feat to accomplish I might add. In fact it’s not really so difficult as you may perceive it to be. Don’t believe me? Just read on. You’ll want to play roulette after you read this article. It’s easy to win when you know the rules.

When playing roulette and you have the basic knowledge, you are set to hit or stay. In a nutshell, you are playing roulette to lose your money if you want to, not winning when you want to. But trying to explain the numerous facets of the game in a single sentence. Well, it would take a book to do that. I shall cut to the chase.

When playing roulette and you have the basic knowledge, you need to know the following:

1. Where to play – the most essential tip when playing roulette is to choose the casino that offers the roulette game in which you want to participate in. A prime recommendation would be to play in the casino where you are most comfortable. A higher payout would be offered there.

2. What kind of roulette – Different roulette types are offered in casinos, such as American, European, French, other varieties, and of course the more popular the more numerous the tables are. You will discover most casinos that offer multiple roulette types.

3. The best bets – For a roulette game, the best bets to place are even money bets and inside bets. The place bets offer a single number or a small area of numbers. The number bets offer a larger area of numbers, but at the end of the day they may either not pay out at all, or if they do, the actual payout may be quite small.

4. The roulette layout – Don’t go in with your eyes closed. Take a look at the layout first. You want to find out if the layout is compatible with the kind of roulette game you are playing. Some roulette layouts are designed for American roulette while others are European. Both have the same rules though.

5. Coins – The number of coins allowed in the game will determined the payout you will receive. Straight bets are the most common. You can choose whether to bet on a color or number. If you don’t like the choice, you can usually find an automatic payout device somewhere.

6. Pre-printed cards – Most retail stores sell them. Also, online you can buy them. The cards are the currency notes with the playing grid and first fraction.

7. Tiers – These are the inside bets. They are the most numerous of all bets and allow you to choose whether to bet on a number, color, odd or even number or high or low number.

8. Outside bets – These are bets made outside of the playing grid. They include red, black, high low, dozens and hundreds. Almost always there will be double zero entries.

9. Insurance – Don’t be lured by the high payout by asking if buying insurance will increase your chances of winning. It won’t. Buying insurance is simply a side bet to the original bets you make.